Setting Up the Facebook Pixel in Shopify

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Shopify stores are great things to have and most of your audience can be found on social media. With your store you will probably be interested in advertising and looking for new customers. However, dumping a bunch of money into social media can be a daunting task if you cannot see what kind of return your investment is giving you. There are many ways to spread your advertising budget and so being able to keep track of who is clicking on ads and purchasing is important.

The Facebook Tracking Pixel

That’s where the Facebook pixel comes in. You may have heard about this term and wondered what it is and what it does. The pixel is a little piece of code on your website that makes it possible to track conversions, purchases, and clicks on your ads. Normally, the Facebook Pixel is difficult and complex to add into the code of the website. But Shopify makes it super simple to add the Facebook Pixel to your store.

How To Create & Add The Facebook Pixel to Shopify

(Read these steps from Facebook on how to create the Pixel from inside your ad account)

From inside your Facebook advertising account, you’ll want to go to the event manager and find the part that talks about Pixels.

Then you’ll need to hit “create pixel”. This will give you a strand of 20-30 characters which you’ll simply copy and paste into your Shopify store admin.

In Shopify, you’ll find the section under Online Store Preferences and there is a block on that page that gives you a place to paste and save your new pixel.

That’s it! After this is done you’ll be all set and ready to get started advertising on Facebook!

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