Website Setup

Shopify E-Commerce Services

We help setup and grow your small business online with Shopify.

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Email Marketing

MailChimp Email & Automation

We’ll get your emails and marketing campaigns designed in MailChimp.

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SEO Kickstart

Best SEO Setup for Google

We’ll setup your website with the best SEO tips and practices.

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Advertising & Online Marketing

Brand Growth

We’ll get your brand recognized with handcrafted content for blogs, content pages, product descriptions & more.

Grow Your Brand

Google Ad Setup

We will setup your website with Google Adwords so that you can show up in search results on Google.

Setup Google Ads

Social Media Advertising

We’ll setup your social advertising so you can promote your brand on Facebook & Instagram.

Social Media Ads

Retain Your SEO

When you migrate your site to Shopify we’ll help keep your search rank on search engines with 301 redirects.

SEO Packages

Websites & Shopify

Website Migration

We’ll help you migrate your store from your current website platform to sell e-commerce with Shopify.

Shopify Migration

Shopify Training

We can show you how to use the Shopify dashboard and answer any questions you have about your store.

Shopify Training

Product Uploading

We specialize in getting your product categories, titles, images, content, and more uploaded to Shopify for you.

Product Uploading

Small Tasks Retainer

Setup a small tasks retainer for reliable, on-demand support for changes, updates, ideas, and more.

Shopify Retainer

Marketplace Channels

Social Media Selling

We’ll get your store selling on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

Sales Channels

Etsy Marketplace

We help get your handmade items listed on Etsy so you can sell with this marketplace.

Etsy Setup

MailChimp Training

We’re here to teach you how to use MailChimp so you can start sending awesome emails.

MailChimp Training

Google Shopping

We’ll setup Google Shopping and link all of your product titles, categories, descriptions, and more.

Google Shopping

About Penguin E-Commerce

We specialize in helping get you setup and running online. Primarily working in Shopify E-Commerce setups, we'll help you connect your MailChimp account so that you can send out target, trackable emails. We'll work with you to connect your social media channels and start selling on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & more. Get more information and chat with us by filling out the form below and we'll be in touch shortly!

We’ve Rebranded!

Now, Penguin E-Commerce – Formerly, Shopify Helper.

It might be a new name, but it’s the same great service.

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We’ll setup your s0mall business with Shopify to start selling and growing your brand.

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Kickstart Shopify with a theme, product uploading, selling channels and more.

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