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When you've gotten your website setup you want to know what's next and where you're customers are. Some of them will find you through social media, some through word-of-mouth and a lot of them will find your business through Google. Google is a search engine which allows for your customers to input a single or string of keywords and receive results. The results are Google's best guess for what they searched. However, as a business owner you can take things one step further and create Google Ads based on your business keywords. This way when someone searches those words - Google will show them your website through an ad. At Penguin E-Commerce, we can take care of setting up your Google Ads for you so that you can focus on running your company instead of what keywords and ad copy to setup. We take care of everything to get your site advertised through one of the worlds largest search engines. We work with advertising budgets big and small to create the advertising plan that works for your store.

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