Mailchimp All-In-One Marketing Setup For E-Commerce

Mailchimp E-Commerce Email

Setup Marketing Emails to Grow Your Brand

  • Customer Followup

    Send automated welcome emails when someone new joins your list.

  • Customize Signup Forms

    Drag and drop template designer to customize each signup form.

  • Automated Marketing

    Increase loyalty or win customers back with automatic email campaigns.

  • Personal Order Notifications

    Send your customers branded order notifications designed around your business.

  • Shopify Integration

    Connect Shopify for personalized email followup or back in stock reminders.

  • Abandoned Shopping Carts

    Follow up with customers who left your store with a full cart.

  • Smart Product Recomendations

    Use customer purchase history to recommend similar products.

  • Audience & Customer Segmenting

    Create segments & groups for special targeted emails that give that personal touch.

  • Customizabe Design Templates

    Drag & drop template designer to customize any template with your brand.

  • E-Commerce Analytics

    Get live tracking of the links and buttons in each campaign.

  • Social Media Integration

    Connect a Facebook signup tab or automatically tweet your emails.

  • Purchase Follow-Up

    Followup with your best customers or someone who hasn’t purchased in a while to grow your bottom line.

Manage Your Ads Inside Mailchimp

Targeted Social Media Advertising

Find New Customers Similar to the Ones Who Already Love You

Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook Ads Promote your business with targeted ad campaigns to people similar to your best customers.

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Instagram Ads

Promote your business with targeted ad campaigns to people similar to your best customers.

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Google Remarketing Ads

Find the people who left your site and recapture their attention when they’re ready to buy.

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Which Shopping Cart Do You Use?

Connect Shopify & Mailchimp

Everything from Abandoned Carts to Order Followup Personalized For Your Customers

Connect Mailchimp to Your Shopify store to create a powerful email hub.
You’ll be able to expand your store and manage your customers. It can be overwhelming to setup, that’s where we can help. We’ll help you create your Mailchimp account, setup the lists, add the subscribe forms to your Shopify website and more.
We will help get you kickstarted with connecting Mailchimp & Shopify.

The Benefits Of Connecting

  • Create Abandoned Checkout Automation
  • Add Shopify Customers to Mailchimp Automatically
  • Target Emails Based on Customer Behavior
  • Automate Email Campaigns
  • Personalize Messages and Product Recommendations
  • Manage Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • And much more…

Connect BigCommerce & Mailchimp

E-Commerce Email Followups for Your Store

Mailchimp Email Marketing for BigCommerce is one of the best ways to keep in touch with your customers. Between the two it’s possible to send out order followup messages, welcome messages, and tons of other branded email automations. But it can be a lot to tackle all at once – so that’s where we’ll come in and get everything setup for you with Mailchimp for BigCommerce.

Connect Volusion & Mailchimp

Order followups, abandoned checkouts, and more all setup for you

E-Commerce email is a powerful tool and now you can utilize that tool with Volusion and Mailchimp.
There’s everything from a new customer welcome to following up on an order. The opportunity is near endless and we’re here to help get your site kickstarted with Volusion & Mailchimp.

Connect LemonStand & Mailchimp

Capturing an Intrigued Audience Through Email

Email Marketing is good to use and especially with E-Commerce. It’s simple with LemonStand and Mailchimp. You’ll be able to send out personalized order notifications, abandoned cart reminders, welcome messages, and so much more. We’re here to be the one-stop solution for getting setup.

Connect Magento & Mailchimp

Capturing an Intrigued Audience Through Email

Email Marketing is a great way to be personal with your Magento Customers. We can help get your store fully setup so you can focus on running your business. We specialize in Magento and Mailchimp E-Commerce email setups so that you don’t have to worry about what you’re customers will receive.

Mailchimp All-In-One Marketing Setup Packages



What you need to get started sending campaigns in Mailchimp.
We’ll help:
– Setup the Mailchimp account
– Connect Mailchimp to Shopify
– Setup Your Brand in Mailchimp Templates

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What you need to get started sending E-Commerce campaigns in Mailchimp.
We’ll help:
– Add Order Followup with Branded Emails and Order Recommendations
– Setup a popup on Shopify through Mailchimp (if desired).
– Setup Abandoned Shopping Cart Notification Emails for Increased Revenue

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We’ll help you manage Mailchimp, send campaigns, track lists and revenue so you can grow your business.
We’ll help:
– Setup and Send email campaigns
– Track orders and top selling products from emails sent
– Track Abandoned cart campaigns to adjust and increase saved carts

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