Quick Shopify Setup

We will help get you setup on Shopify in 3 days!*

Shopify Quick Setup Packages Starting At: $85 per hour

Shopify Setup…Quickly!

We can help get your Shopify setup quickly. The goal is to help you get from 0 to 100 on Shopify. Included is everything you need to get started selling online. There isn’t a reason that your store can’t be started in a few days – so let’s get started now and you can start selling online.

Parts of a Quick Setup

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    Choose a Theme

    Pick one of many different Shopify themes. The theme is the general layout of the website.

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    Theme Settings

    Setup the fonts, colors, add banners with other promotional materials, and your logo!

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    Content Pages

    Migrate the content pages from your current site. These are pages like the contact page, about us, etc.

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    Images & Media

    We’ll help you move all your images and videos over to Shopify so you won’t lose your engagement!

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    Domain Name Settings

    When the site is ready, we’ll help you switch your domain name to retain all your SEO and still have the same address.

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    Additional Sales Channels

    Shopify makes it easy to sell on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Messenger and More. Add sales channels for more sales!

Shopify Store Setup In 3 Days

We will help get you launched on Shopify with all the right tools, apps, settings and information to be successful. There’s no reason your store can’t be setup over a long weekend – so we’ve put together a package to complete a store in 3 days. You read that right, 3 days!*

Day 1

You will pick a theme & organize your products, and gather the necessary business information we’ll need.

Day 2

We create the store, setup the theme and add all your colors, fonts, banners, products and more to get the store personalized.

Day 3

We tweak the colors, adjust small settings, test the site and then go live. This is the exciting day for you!

*The deadline is highly dependent on you being responsive and working closely with us to make sure we have the materials and information we need.

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