How to Keep Busy Customers Happy

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Building Loyalty by Making it Easy: How to Keep Busy Customers Happy

Happy, loyal customers are powerful assets for any business. They do more than spend money with you – they spread the word about your business and provide positive word of mouth, an invaluable benefit in an era when social media and the immediacy of the internet can make or break a business overnight. Making things easy on busy customers means more consumers will say positive things about your business. There’s no substitute for excellent customer service. HEre are some tips for helping keep your customers happy! 

Ensure a quick turnaround

Responding to your customers’ wants, needs and complaints is just good business. Busy customers who do business online expect prompt answers to their inquiries, and companies that fail in that trust lose face as well as business. The best case scenario is to respond within a few hours, especially during business hours. At the minimum, let them know you’ve received their message, that their business is important to you, and that you’ll respond in detail shortly. 

Don’t send a generic, pre-packaged response. Give it a personal touch, especially if the exchange is taking place on social media. One good way to score points with customers is to offer a rebate or a special discount

Utilize robust web hosting

Choosing the right website hosting service can make a tremendous difference for your business. For example, Shopify, a major player in the industry, is an excellent option for e-commerce businesses. If you own an online store and need to revamp your website, we are here to help get your store up and running smoothly so you don’t have to worry about it. When you’re site is ready, we’re here to offer personalized 1:1 training on how to use your website! 

Show customers their time is important to you

Do everything you can to save customers time. Make it easy for them to reach you, whether that’s through phone, email, social media, text, or carrier pigeon. ;P Okay, maybe not that last one, but you get the point.

Keep info secure

No small business is safe from an attempted cyber attack. Therefore, if you want your customers to remain loyal to your business, it’s up to you to ensure that all data is well-protected. This means complying with cybersecurity rules; however, because they’re constantly evolving, it’s a good idea to set up a program that prepares you for any new requirements. It might be good for your business to have a compliance team, create a process that analyzes risks, set controls within your business, formulate compliance policies, and make sure you’re always monitoring and responding to any threats that occur.

Simplify online ordering

Make your online store as easy to use as possible. The fewer number of click-throughs, the better, so simplify the entire online shopping process. Your site should be intuitive, easily navigable and mobile friendly so busy customers can find and order what they want quickly and easily, even when they’re on the go. 

People often do business online because it saves time and saves them from having to visit a brick-and-mortar business. An intuitive, fast and user-friendly website can help you build customer loyalty and encourage repeat business. Don’t underestimate the value of a simple, convenient contact options, make cybersecurity a high priority, and know how to handle customer service so that your business becomes the talk of the town.

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