What’s New With Mailchimp in 2019

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Things are changing in the email marketing world and Mailchimp is helping lead the way. There’s been a lot of chatter in the tech world over the Mailchimp & Shopify integration lately, but that’s not stopped them from working beautifully with your e-commerce store.

Mailchimp is making some changes to help you as the small business grow and expand your store. They’re making these updates to their software while still keeping the same user-friendly aspect. That means as they provide more opportunities for you, there’s not a huge learning curve on how to use it. 

Mailchimp is introducing an All-in-One Marketing platform. So this way you don’t have to integrate or connect a few or even a hundred different systems to achieve one goal. You can do it all inside Mailchimp. 

Marketing CRM

This means having a user-friendly marketing CRM (customer relationship manager) which will give you insights in your customers and help find new ways to market to them. They already did a great job with segments and automations, but the new CRM integration will expand and build on that in ways that will help your business grow. 

Non-Email Ways To Reach Customers

Mailchimp is known for it’s email marketing. But they’re expanding into so much more with their all-in-one-marketing solution. Things like social media posts, direct mail post cards, shoppable landing pages, retargeting ads, and so much more. All of these channels are achievable inside Mailchimp reaching your customers and potential audience in a way that’s simple to manage. This means it’s easier than ever to have consistent branding across all your marketing channels so people are never confused by your brand. 

More Is On The Way

They aren’t planning to stop there either when it comes to helping you and your marketing. Things like websites and domain registration, a built-in content studio and a library filled with customizable templates is all on the way for Mailchimp. 

The goal is to help create a user-friendly marketing platform with all the best features and tools that you, the business owner, needs to connect with your customers and potential customers. Learn more about Mailchimp and the changes here, or feel free to send your questions to me directly: [email protected] and I’ll be happy to help guide you.

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