How to Setup Enhanced E-Commerce in Shopify

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Tracking Your Order Revenue & E-Commerce Data In Google Analytics

Imagine you can see all the reporting for visitors, bounce rates, order revenue, and mobile vs. desktop visitors in one place. With Google Analytics and Shopify you can. The connection allows for Google to keep track of all the orders placed, where people visit, what they visit from, how long they stay on the site and much more.

This is a key part of a Shopify Website Setup that often gets overlooked because most freelancers and small business start-up owners do not understand the necessity of this kind of reporting. However, with it all turned on and all the tracking live you will be able to make the best decisions long term for your store. Shopify makes it as easy as copying and pasting a code inside the dashboard – then viola – you can watch all of the orders and information get sent from Shopify into Google Analytics.

Along with the revenue information tracking, Google Analytics also tracks:

  • Number of visitors over a period of time
  • Locations of each visitor
  • How long each page is viewed
  • How many visitors view and immediately leave the site (bounce rate)
  • What types of devices and browsers your visitors are using
  • Number of new visits over a period of time
  • And so much more…

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