How to Create a Draft Order in Shopify

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With one of the best E-Commerce platforms like Shopify, there are many capabilities! When you have a customer and you need to create their order for them it’s easy! All you need is their name and email address along with the items to include.

Gather The Order Details

The draft order inside Shopify will give you the power to create and send orders right to your customers!¬† It’s great to use for phone orders, or even some in store orders when the customer needs something shipped to them.

Once you have the information from the customer, it’s time to login to your Shopify admin panel and go to Orders. Then, click on Draft Orders and hit Add New Order.

Setting Up the Order

This screen will give you the backend of what an order invoice will look like. You can fill out the customer information, search products by SKU or Title, adjust prices and add shipping and tax information. Then when all the details are filled in hit Save and you’re all set!

Sending The Order to The Customer

Shopify gives you the simplistic way to send your order to the customer. If you have the customer’s email address all you need to do is hit the button that says “email to customer” and Shopify will send them an email with a link to preview the order and submit payment. Then once, the order is paid it appears in your Shopify Orders Dashboard like any other order. Then you can fulfill it, add notes, ship it, and follow up with your customer.

The process is simple – but we’re always here to help and walk you through it. Leave a comment with your questions or send us a message ([email protected])

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