How to Add a Coupon or Discount in Shopify

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When you’re running an E-Commerce store the knowledge of coupon codes are crucial. They are highly customizable when it comes to what products, customers, and the number of times each can be used. The Shopify discount codes are helpful for offering to your VIP customers or to customers who are a little more hesitant to place an initial purchase.

The Type of Discount Codes

  • Percentage Discount: The percentage discount is probably the most commonly understood one. An example of this would be 40% off of a specific product, collection or entire order. When you setup a percentage based discount the amount that is deducted can vary depending on how you set it up.
  • Fixed Amount: The fixed amount discount code gives you the possibilities of always offering a flat rate discount. An example of this would be if you wanted to offer $3 off of every order, or $5 off of a specific product or collection.
  • Free Shipping: The free shipping discount code is pretty self explanatory. It offers free shipping on your order through a coupon code. The difference between doing it this way over offering free shipping in the shipping dashboard would be through a free shipping discount code you are able to only offer free shipping to certain customers and only on certain countries and products.

Setting Up The Discounts in Shopify

Adding the codes to Shopify is simple. It’s all handled inside your Shopify dashboard under “Discounts”. Once you’re in that screen you’ll want to hit “add new” and then you’ll have one page to setup all the technical rules of your coupon code. This will be what the code is, what products it applies to, if it works on the whole order, how much it takes off, and more. After you set up all of these details you’ll hit save and you’re ready to send out your code to your customers!

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