Selling Wholesale With Shopify

Sell B2B With A Wholesale Shopify Setup

Wholesale Shopify Setup Starting At: $85 per hour

Selling Wholesale With Shopify

When you have a Business-to-Business company – it can be difficult to determine which platform you want to get setup on. There are many different E-Commerce options for selling wholesale and that can get overwhelming. Shopify can be a great platform for selling items to both consumers and other businesses under the same site. There are many apps and things that can connect wholesale logins, customer portals, locked pages and products. Everything you would need to automate and setup Wholesale on Shopify. Penguin E-Commerce can help get your Shopify store setup with Wholesale. We’ve put together the best formula and app connection to use with Shopify and it’s our passion to set it up for you to experience.

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