Recover Shopify Shopping Carts

Setup Constant Contact & Save Abandoned Carts

Recover Abandoned Shopping Carts

Grow Shopify Sales With Abandoned Cart Recovery In Constant Contact

With Constant Contact you can automated following up with all of your abandoned shopping carts on Shopify. The setup works great for sending a branded followup message to your potential customers, letting them know that you keep their items saved in a cart for them. Constant Contact makes it easy to design and setup the email – but that’s where we come in and take care of it for you. That way you don’t have to worry about one more email design or having the right settings in your store. Penguin E-Commerce takes care of it all and our goal is to take care of the one-time tasks like designing, setting up, and launching the email campaigns. We focus on that side so you can have more time for your business.

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