The Power of Recommended Products In Shopify

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Product Recommendations In Shopify Themes

There are many Shopify Themes which offer the ability to add a section called “product recommendations” to product pages and collection pages. This feature is helpful to turn when you have a larger catalog because it will help your customers see products in a “related” form instead of an outright category page.

With most Shopify themes, the product recommendations are set to display products¬†from the same collection or with the same tag. So for example, let’s say you have a collection of t-shirts in Shopify. On a T-Shirt product detail page the Shopify theme will recommend other top-selling shirts from that t-shirt category. If you narrow it by color, the recommended products will show only t-shirts of that certain color, and so on. It all depends how you structure your product categories and collections.

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