Small Business Setup

Migrate Your E-Commerce Store to Shopify

Setup Packages Starting At: $499

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    Choose a Theme

    Pick one of many different Shopify themes. The theme is the general layout of the website.

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    Theme Settings

    We will help you setup the fonts, colors, add banners with other promotional materials, and your logo!

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    Content Pages

    Migrate the content pages from your current site. These are pages like the contact page, about us, etc.

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    Images & Media

    We’ll make sure all your images are moved into Shopify and setup inside your theme right where you need them to be.

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    Keep SEO

    When you migrate, we’ll make sure you keep your SEO rank by redirecting everything over to Shopify.

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    Optional Marketplaces

    With Shopify, you have the options to easily customize and sell on social media and other marketplaces like Facebook, Amazon, and more.

Add New Products To Your Shopify Store

Shopify Product Uploading

Handcrafted product uploading and product listing on Shopify so your new products have all the information you need to get started selling. We’ll take the product data from your current website, a supplier, Etsy, and upload it to Shopify so you don’t have to worry about the one-time task of adding products to Shopify.

  • Product Titles
  • Product Descriptions
  • Images (Main & Additional)
  • Pricing Setup
  • Product Categories
  • Inventory Setup

Miscellaneous Small Tasks To Tweak Your Store

Small Task Retainer

With a Shopify small task you won’t have to worry about updating product titles, prices, descriptions, making a new Shopify collection, or setting up new content pages. Just submit what you would like completed and focus on growing your store!

Expand Shopify’s Features

Shopify App Setup

Shopify is becoming so easy to work with and expand on that there are many apps that work to connect you with your store. Integrate MailChimp for personalized order automation, or setup Shipstation and Shopify so all your orders automatically sync. The options become endless when you explore the app store.

Shopify Setup Packages

Packages Starting At: $499

Shopify Theme Setup & Update

Included is everything you need to give your theme a facelift or setup a new Shopify theme.

  • Theme Colors
  • Theme Fonts
  • Images & Banners
  • Navigation & Menus
  • Domain Name Updates

Packages Starting At: $499

Shopify Full Kickstart

The Full Setup is to help you get from 0 to 100 on Shopify. Included is everything you need to get started selling online.

  • Theme Fonts & Colors
  • Homepage Theme Settings
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Content Page Setup
  • Navigation & Dropdowns

Packages Starting At: $1,000

Shopify Product Uploading

Shopify Product Uploading Kickstart is designed to get your store and your products up on Shopify.

  • General Theme Settings
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Content Pages Setup
  • Product Details & Categories
  • Product Dropdown & Navigation

Packages Starting At: $1,500

Your One-Stop Solution to Setting Up Shopify

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