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We’ll help you sell on Facebook Messenger with Shopify

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Facebook Messenger Setup Starting At: $99

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Setup your store with Facebook Messenger to find new customers.

Facebook Messenger allows you to instantly communicate with customers about their orders. With the Messenger sales channel you are able to sell direct in messages to your customers – but on your end the order still flows into Shopify for easy managing.

We’ll help you setup Facebook Messenger on Shopify so that you can instantly message specific products to your customers right from Facebook. We work on connecting your product titles, prices, descriptions and more so when you search and send a product in messenger it’s the same product in Shopify. Our setup service is designed to handle the tasks that you don’t have time to mess with – so we’ll work in the background getting it setup so that you can focus all your time on the day to day operations. Learn more about our setup package by filling out the form below.

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