How to Setup MailChimp with a Universal Logo

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MailChimp is an excellent email platform and will work so well to send out your campaigns to multiple subscribers. But what happens when you have thousands of subscribers and multiple campaigns you want to send? That’s where MailChimp comes in and helps you send messages to your subscribers and all with the same consistent logo of your brand. Inside MailChimp you are given a choice to setup a logo for each campaign, landing page, google re-marketing advertisement, facebook ad, instagram ad, or you have the option to set each of those places individually on a per campaign or per ad basis.

What Is a Universal Default Logo?

So, when you want to send a consistent brand message across to your customers and to your subscribers, it’s best to setup the new feature that MailChimp has just released and setup one logo for your brand and for your account.

This way when you use the Logo block in your MailChimp account, MailChimp knows that you want to use the logo you have setup in your account and it adds it accordingly to your campaign, ad or landing page. All depending what you’re working on.

How to Add the Universal Default Logo to MailChimp

To add the default logo to your MailChimp account is to login and find “Campaigns”. Once your there you’ll need to create a draft campaign and in the header drop the image block. This will give you the chance to drag and drop your logo image to your files area. After its been dropped and uploaded, MailChimp added a button called “Set as My Logo”. Select the logo image you just uploaded and hit this button.

Then you’re all set!

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