How to Sell Monogrammed Products On WooCommerce

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Selling your monogram products online can be a tricky thing to accomplish. With WooCommerce it provides you the flexibility and customizations to take your store to the next level when selling online.

Understanding The Admin Panel

WordPress and WooCommerce are not for the non-tech person though, and before you dive in you should be sure you’re ready to take the time to understand the backend and all the settings that come with it.
With a monogram store, you can setup your products by category and then assign each category to a specific group of monogram options. On WooCommerce this is done through a free plugin called WooCommerce Product Add-Ons. It provides you the flexibility to add the custom options and the various texts to your products so that your customers can complete their purchases.

Monogram Options Plugin With WordPress

The monogram options on WooCommerce are easy to setup and understand when it comes to what products are assigned to each group. This means, you will be able to make those small adjustments and tweaks to things without it taking up too much time while you run your business.

While the backend of WordPress can be more difficult to understand, once you grasp the concept and basic knowledge you will be able to grow your monogram store with no additional apps or fees.

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