How to Connect MailChimp and Shopify

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Connecting MailChimp E-Commerce Email to Shopify

Using a powerful Email Marketing system like MailChimp can be a great move for your brand. When you combine the forces of MailChimp and Shopify the systems allow for you to connect better with your customers. Not a lot of people realize or understand that Shopify doesn’t actually send any marketing type emails from their system – so all they do is collect customer data and orders. However, when you add MailChimp into the mix – it can be powerful.

MailChimp allows for you to sync all your customer data, order data, order amounts, and to find out who your VIP customers are. Then, you can take that information and send targetted, high return, amazing marketing emails to them. Knowing what you customers have purchased in the past and also how much they have spent overall can help you decide who the special customers are who should receive some extra attention in a more personalized fashion – with Shopify and MailChimp, you can do just that.

The Benefits of MailChimp & Shopify

  • MailChimp is free up to 2,000 emails per month
  • It automatically syncs subscribers, orders, order amounts, etc. There’s no formatting or uploading needed by you
  • Easily add a pop up to your website to encourage email signups
  • Create groups and segments to organize your email list and target specific customers
  • Add some Facebook and Instagram ads to target people similar to your current customers/subscribers
  • Setup Google ReMarketing ads right from the MailChimp dashboard (this helps bring people back to the site that have previously visited)
  • Automate your order followup process with consistent, matching branded emails
  • Specific product recommendations based what customers have previously purchased
  • And much more….

If you don’t already have MailChimp connected to your Shopify store it’s certainly something to look into. For the price alone it’s worth keeping track of that data in case you ever want to use it in the future. With the way Shopify works, the app does not pull past historical data, so it only begins the process once the two are connected. So make sure it’s on the to-do list of launching your Shopify store!

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