How to Add a Blog To Shopify (And Why You Should)

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Setting up a blog on Shopify can help grow your store awareness. It’s a feature you might be looking at to add one to your store when you migrate to Shopify. Or maybe you are already on Shopify and you’re looking to add a blog as something to help drive traffic.

No matter the reason adding one to your Shopify store can be very beneficial to help your store. A blog creates more opportunity for you to offer your customers unique and useful content. The big thing we hear is clients hesitate to add a blog because they don’t know if customers will see them. But that’s where you deliver high-quality content that helps your customers and they will read it.

Setup a Strategy for Blogging

It’s important when you start up a blog that you know what your goal will be. With a Shopify blog – you could create a theme of posts that have to do with your products. Perhaps some how-tos, explaining what the product is and why people should use it, or maybe you want to start up a lifestyle type blog. Either way – a clear strategy will go a long way with your blog posts on Shopify.

Adding a Blog To Shopify

To add a blog to your Shopify store you will need two things.

  1. To create the blog on your Dashboard>Online Store>Blog Posts.
  2. Add the Blog to your Shopify navigation (this is through your Dashboard>Online Store>Navigation.

There are ways to setup blog post automation and automated email campaigns, RSS feeds, and multiple blogs in Shopify. At Shopify Helper, we specialize in getting your blog optimized and ready to grow your store. If you need help setting up a blog, setting up RSS feeds, and adding multiple blogs to Shopify feel free to contact us – we’d be happy to talk about your project.

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