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We'll Manage Your Etsy Store For You

Etsy is a very niche online marketplace that specifically helps small businesses in the crafting industry. There are many ways to keep up with the listings and products that are on Etsy but when you’re managing a small business it’s hard to remember to add products to Etsy as well. That’s where we come in to help. At Penguin E-Commerce, we list your items and keep the information up to date and accurate so that you don’t have to worry about Etsy. With our management service we focus on getting your products on Etsy with descriptions, search engine setting, images, inventory levels and more.

Etsy is often on the “do it someday” list because it’s not integrated with many on boarding channels so, much like the items on Etsy, listing items has to be done by hand. We’re here to take that stress away from you and get your small business listed on Etsy today so that you can start selling to a new set of customers.

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