Do I need a Graphic Designer For Shopify?

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The decision to hire a graphic designer for a new small business can seem like a task that you don’t want to undertake. But when you’re starting out on Shopify with an E-Commerce store or migrating from another platform – is it worth the hassle and cost of hiring a graphic designer? That’s something you have to determine when you want to start out. But to make an intelligent choice you should understand how Shopify works and what exactly a graphic designer would be able to do.

The Shopify Theme Is the Layout

A lot of small businesses starting out get the wrong idea for what exactly can be changed in Shopify. It is often assumed that the graphic designer can create a beautiful looking store and place all the images, graphics, logos etc where they need to be. However, this is often not the case. It is the specific Shopify theme that will control the backbone or skeleton of the store. When you are picking a theme (link choosing a theme blog) it is important to keep in mind the structure and placement of the images in the theme because that will be what get’s setup for your store.

The setup expert or graphic designer will control what images and graphics get placed in each box. Rather than moving the actual boxes around on your site. (This of course excludes developers who code and setup the theme – they are in a different level of customer, budget, and capabilities.)

It is also important to keep in mind that the graphic designer or setup expert will only be able to work with what you give them. So if you have wholesale accounts with little to no images, or you are starting out with near nothing asethetically it will be hard for anyone to create pizazz from nothing. So when you’re srarching for wholesalers and finding who you want to work for take a look at their graphics and images and explore lifestyle photography so that you can create a unique, eye-catching, professional website.

So, Do I need a Graphic Designer for Shopify?

Really, it’s up to you and based on your budget, capabilities and vision. But more than likely – it’ll be up to your theme and your images for how your site ends up looking aesthetically.

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