The Best For Custom Monogrammed Products: Shopify or WordPress

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When you have a monogram store online it can be 10 times more daunting when you need to migrate. That’s why, we’ve put together some tips for making the right decision when it comes to which platform you should use. The two main platforms we’ll compare are Shopify and WordPress/WooCommerce. Both of these platforms have pros and cons and it all depends on what your business needs. The Pros … Read More

How to Setup Enhanced E-Commerce in Shopify

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Tracking Your Order Revenue & E-Commerce Data In Google Analytics Imagine you can see all the reporting for visitors, bounce rates, order revenue, and mobile vs. desktop visitors in one place. With Google Analytics and Shopify you can. The connection allows for Google to keep track of all the orders placed, where people visit, what they visit from, how long they stay on the site and much more. This … Read More

How to Connect MailChimp and Shopify

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Connecting MailChimp E-Commerce Email to Shopify Using a powerful Email Marketing system like MailChimp can be a great move for your brand. When you combine the forces of MailChimp and Shopify the systems allow for you to connect better with your customers. Not a lot of people realize or understand that Shopify doesn’t actually send any marketing type emails from their system – so all they do is collect … Read More

The Power of Recommended Products In Shopify

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Product Recommendations In Shopify Themes There are many Shopify Themes which offer the ability to add a section called “product recommendations” to product pages and collection pages. This feature is helpful to turn when you have a larger catalog because it will help your customers see products in a “related” form instead of an outright category page. With most Shopify themes, the product recommendations are set to display products from … Read More

How to Pick the Right Shopify Theme

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The Shopify Theme store can appear daunting if you do not know what you’re looking at. There are many themes – free & paid. In many different categories – art, music, food, technology, etc. When you’re setting up your store – how do you know what to look for in these themes when picking one for your store? The Shopify Theme Is The Layout This means the theme controls … Read More