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Blog Post Migration Starting At: $85 per hour

Migrate Blog Posts to Save Your SEO

We’ll help migrate your posts and URLs so you can keep you SEO during a site move.

When you move your site from one platform to another it’s important to consider moving the blog posts you have setup on your site. Oftentimes sites have many archives of posts and that leads into conversations of it being too much work or too overwhelming to deal with, so they get left out and then lead to 404 broken pages when the site moves. Moving those posts and the URLs into 301 redirects can be important and can save your site with search engines. When you tell a search engine that each individual post has been moved from platform A to platform B you’re able to retain your SEO and retain your rank – along with keeping that hard work you put into making those posts.

At Penguin E-Commerce, we’ll help you move your blog posts and put in the 301 redirects so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. You won’t need to mess with moving the posts – you’ll get to focus on running your business and keep your rank with Google!


Blog Post Migration Includes

  • Post Content
  • Post Title & Headlines
  • Post Images
  • Post Metadata
  • Post URL

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